8051 Software and Utilities

I do a lot of work with the 8051 using the Keil C51 compiler and Hitex ICE, . Most of my support comes from the iSystem web site . For 8051 development there is a book "The C51 Primer" which is down-loadable from The QuEST page

The other main support tool I use is the Keil (UK) web site.


Software, Scripts and Utilities for 8051


The Software below has been scrounged from all over the place over many years. Some of it I have used and other bits were "on the shelf just in case". The parts I did not write I believe are in the public domain.

C51 data types and limits, pointer types (including memory specific)

 Keil D-scope (simulator) Functions and scripts   The Keil D-scope is quite a versatile simulator/debugger. I have written a few script functions for it. These include time and date stamps, formatted memory dumps, universal log to file functions. Link to D-Scope functions Whilst D-Scope is no substitute for an ICE it can do a lot of very useful work especially the non-IO intensive areas of your software.
 How to interface MS Source Safe and PC Lint to Keil uVision 2. this applies to C51,251 ans C166 How to use  8051 interrupts in Keil C51
How to write basic Keil C51 interrupt routines and match interrupt numbers to the MCU interrupt numbers
Atmel CC0*, RD2, the Security Byte and Emuulators   
 A51 Assemblers   Debuggers

 o 3 Cross-Assemblers to run on IBM compatibles:

- ASM51 professional macro assembler
- A51
- CAS (with c source and maths routines)

Download: ASM Zip File

o Disassembler:
Download: Dissasmbler Zip File

o 2 Debuggers:- Mark H's and Axonn Corporation debugger for 87c751
Download: Debug Zip File

 Kernels & Monitors

 o 3 Real time multi-tasking kernels:

	- Mark H's (microkernel),
	- Intel's iDCX51 (large kernel)
	- UCOS (generic portable kernel)

Download: Kernel Zip File
See 8051 Links page below for other RTOS links

 o 2 Monitors

- MON31 and MONPLUS, source code, both modified for use with the Elektor 8052/8032 CPU card)

Download: Monitor Zip File


o Utilities for microprocessor systems development (all with source)

- Communications program for IBM PC
- Intel hex to binary converter
- Intel hex to Elektor hex converter
- Basic program to unload the 8052 basic interpreter
- Utilities for converting .EXE files to ROM images

Download: Utilities Zip File


o Bootstrap routine for downloading Intel hex file to 8051/2 system

Download: Boot Zip File

 o Async library for the IBM PC when talking to 8051/2 system

	Download: Async Zip File

 o 8051 TSR tutorial for the IBM PC

	Download: Tutor Zip File

 Source Code

 o Example implementations (all with source code)

	- Multitasking data collection
	- CRC demo
	- Clock
	- Stepper motor driver
	- Interrupt handling routines
	- 8051FA interrupt demo   
 Download: Source  Zip File	

 o An 8051 simulator (including source code) Download: Sim Zip File

Or you could try:-

 o Various I2C drivers Download: I2C Zip File

i2c is owned by Philips, and their web site is full of i2c resources.

The i2c "home page" is here

For the i2c spec, see here

For full blown i2c code that supports all modes, look here

 TCP/IP software links

 Manchester Encoding

I had many requests for the 8051assembler floating point maths file. Today, I have managed to put the file on my website. You can find it here.

Best regards Jerson Fernandes
jerson@vsnl.com 2002-12-06

 Links to Links A page of 8051 links from my meanderings round the net. (under construction)


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