Quality Embedded Software Techniques

 QuEST is a series of papers based around the theme of Quality Embedded Software Techniques. It is not for a specific industry or specific type of work but for all embedded C. It is usually faster, more efficient and surprisingly a lot more fun when things work well.

Note the main web site contains information about and free software for embedded systems. Monitors, assemblers TCI/Ip stack, crypto information, scripts for Keil debuggers and lots of links.This is NOT a commercial site

 The ART in Embedded Engineering
comes through
Engineering discipline.

 This series will show you how to minimise the errors, the bugs and tiresome parts of software engineering and maximise the fun parts. That's right, with the right approach even testing becomes an interesting and fun challenge.

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 The QuEST Introduction Click Link version 21-Dec-2001 Change log
This is a Quest for bug free software. The introduction explains the road map and the philosophy. This document explains all the other documents in the series and should be read first. It is principally for the embedded arena but it's principals can be used for most C and a lot of programming in general.

 0. QuEST Design and Documentation In Preperation  21-Jan-2003 Change log
 1.QuEST 1 Embedded C: Traps and Pitfalls . Click Link 25 July 2002 Change Log
A walk through a basic embedded software development system from tools and techniques to source code templates. How to apply Engineering discipline to a mess so that Engineers can let their art show through.

 2. QuEST 2 Embedded Debuggers Click Link May 2003 Change Log
Debuggers and myths everywhere but which type of debugger and which method is right for what application? Step by step through the history and myths to the real answers of what to use when. Also the more important: "why?"

 3. QuEST 3 Advanced debug and test second Draft 19 May 2002 change log
Presented @ The Embedded Systems Show, Excel, London in 15 th May 2002
Automated unit and system test, code coverage, timing and regression testing. Why and how to reduce the bug hunting time and frustration and how to increase the time spent out of the test lab.

 4. QuEST 4 C51 Primer Currently in re-write. DRAFT 3.6 is available.  05 Oct 2003  Change Log
Please NOTE This is a draft version. There is some tidying up to be done and some more chapters to be completed but it is substantially there. The starting point for Engineers developing on the 8051 family written by engineers with real experience

 QA.1 SCIL-Level Click here June 2001
A Simple guide to what type of tools to use at what level of project. Also what level does your project fall into?

 QA.2 The Tile Hill Embedded C Style guide Click here version 1.3 10th April 2006 Change Log
The general-purpose style guide for embedded C. This is currently in it's second draft.

 QA.3 QuEST-C Under Development
A set of clear and simple rules for a sub set of the C-Language for safe use of C in general embedded systems.

 QA QuEST-Information on MISRA-C

This is a set of Compliance Matrix templates as described in section 5.3.2 of the MISRA-C guide. for PC-Lint and DAC,

There is also information on MISRA-C and how to integrate PC lint into various IDE's including DAC, Keil, Borland, Metrowerks etc)

Information on MISRA-C 2nd edition, release dates and review information (April 2003)

Presentation to ACCU conference on MISRA-C- 2nd Edition April 2003

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